Wednesday, 8 May 2013


At Phoenix  this morning, for the fortnightly meeting of Creative Coffee Leicester. Our session overlaps with one of Phoenix's "Silver Screenings" - a new addition to their programme of "weekly matinee screenings with our senior citizen customers firmly in mind (but open to all)". This means the cafe bar is a bit busy - and since we're having a presentation this morning, we adjourn to the Screen Room. The presentation is by the creative trio who make up animatID, which animates logos. A lot of creative people, companies and organisations have difficulty expressing in a few words what they do. These guys animate logos: simple as that. So you can know a bit more about them, here is some bio info about each of these guys, taken from the animatID website:

Mair Perkins is an award-winning animator and illustrator, having done work for the likes of RSPCA, Vodafone, ASDA and several UK Universities. Mair claims she can put both legs behind her head and walk like a crab, although she has yet to prove this. Mair owns Mair Perkins Ltd. Animation and Illustration and two cats.
Ben Haynes creates short audio idents with music and sound effects for AnimatID. His music once made a bunch of celebrities donate £1.5million to a charity auction. His jokes are generally rubbish so don’t get him started. Ben owns Haynes Music Productions and a look of general bewilderment.
Richie Phillips specialises in SFX, animation and motion graphics and has done work for loads of clients such as Sky Sports and Sports Tonight Live. When asked whether he can fit his whole fist into his mouth, he said yes but he meant no. Richie owns QuimbyCo and his very own Geordie accent.

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