Friday, 24 May 2013


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Sorry to see end of inspiring place
I was sorry to learn of the demise of Groundwork based at Western Park.
I worked there when it was known as Environ about 10 years ago.
I worked on the organic garden at Eco-House and also created a small wildlife pond in another part of the area at the back of the main office.
I also went on a beekeeping course at Brooksby College, near Melton, which was funded by Environ, where I learned about the fascinating life of bees.
I hope the enterprise remaining at Western Park can still be used as an environmental concern so it can educating the public on ecology and the natural environment.
It was an inspirational place for me as I love working with nature and organic gardening and the use of a sustainable way of life by recycling in all aspects of my life.
Phil Dews, Anstey

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