Friday, 24 May 2013


As you can imagine, faithful reader, many comments and statements will be made regarding events in Woolwich, Wednesday 22 May 2013. I'm posting a selection of these on the blog, limited to relevant organisations with which Leicester Council of Faiths is involved to some extent. Below is a statement issued today by the Bishop of Leicester:
The Bishop of Leicester, Rt Rev Tim Stevens, has called on communities to remain calm following the horrific murder in Woolwich, London on Wednesday afternoon.
The Bishop said, "I am deeply distressed by reports of this barbaric attack which took place in front of passers-by in a street in South London. It has been confirmed that the victim was a serving soldier and the Prime Minister has said that there were "strong indications that it is a terrorist attack". The police now need to be allowed to do their job and ascertain the facts behind what took place.
"Individuals who commit such crimes in the name of religion or politics stand at odds with the compassionate shared values which we stand for as a society. Such acts aim to divide our communities and I call upon everyone to remain calm and united. At this deeply tragic time, my prayers and thoughts are for the victim and those who knew him, but also those many ordinary people traumatised by this shocking and wholly unjustified event".

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