Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This is from the Mercury Opinion column in today's Leicester Mercury:
Meat tests should reassure
Leicester City Council is to undertake widespread testing of meat. The aim is to reassure residents.
It is easy to find criticism of the outrage provoked by revelations some food products have contained meat other than the type advertised. Some have argued eating horsemeat, for example, is not dangerous, and consumers should "get things in proportion".
However, it appears the scandal has concerned a sizeable proportion of meat eaters; both butchers and manufacturers of vegetarian food have reported a significant increase in trade.
Whatever your view, consumers have a right to know they are eating what they believe they are buying and eating. That is something that is particularly important for Muslims, for whom the consumption of pork is prohibited.
The tests being carried out by the city council will, we hope, reassure consumers that they can have absolute confidence in local businesses.

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