Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Bianca Holman of Go MAD Thinking
It's the fortnightly meeting of Creative Coffee Leicester this morning aPhoenix. We enjoy a brief presentation in the Screen Room by Bianca Holman of Go MAD Thinking (MAD stands for "Make A Difference"). She introduces us to their Think Leicestershire project. Here's a helpful quotation from the Think Leicestershire website (emphasis in original):
Think Leicestershire is about helping YOU improve the way you think so that you can achieve whatever you want.

The website offers help with thinking, through various techniques and tools, turning "hindering thinking" into "helpful thinking". These are free to use for anyone who lives or works in the city or county. Think Leicestershire is in the process of recruiting 1,000 "community coaches" to support local people and organisations, providing face-to-face personal contact, supplementing the resources available online. Since March, they have recruited 250 people for this role (just under 50 of them in the city).

Amit Modhvadia & Laila Osman
As is always the case at these meetings, there are a few first timers. Among them are Amit Modhvadia (Principal Web Consultant at HTML5 Consultancy) and Laila Osman (Holistic Complementary Therapist at Laspire n Do It: Rebalance With Energy). I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Laila's flowery Docs, which I notice only as she's leaving Phoenix.

This is where Mohan Subramaniam keeps his business cards: a miniature briefcase!

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