Friday, 24 May 2013


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
City diversity is reason for pride
What a very great pleasure to read your Diversity Day supplement and editorial (Mercury, May 21) and the recognition of the achievements, challenges and dedicated and consistent leadership at every level and in every community that makes Leicester so special.
It struck a good chord of commitment to working with difference and the reality that it's not all plain sailing and can be downright difficult.
While the focus was on race and nationality, diversity embraces age, gender, religion, sexuality, disability and all aspects of difference and it would be great to see that reflected in your next supplement, as I think it is generally throughout the year.
The words of the Chief Superintendent and the Mercury Editor were extremely welcome.
Can you tell readers how you are using the Leicester experience to inform policing and media at a national level? It is needed.
Both institutions – police and media – are in the spotlight and have a significant impact on the wider agenda, so it would be good to know that our local leaders are also influencing the national debates and standards.
Linden Rowley, Blaby

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