Friday, 24 May 2013


As you can imagine, faithful reader, many comments and statements will be made regarding the incident in Woolwich, Wednesday 22 May 2013. I'm posting a selection of these on the blog, limited to relevant organisations with which Leicester Council of Faiths is involved to some extent. Below is a statement by British Hindu Voice ("a think tank and a single voice for the Hindu and Jain Communities in Leicester and Leicestershire") issued today in the name of the Chair, Mr Vinod Popat:
The British Hindu Voice (BHV) today condemned the murder of a serving British Officer. The Chair of BHV Vinod Popat stated “I am shocked by the news of the murder that happened in  broad daylight on a British street. The gruesome nature of the murder and the gloating that followed should be condemned in the strongest terms. Our thoughts and prayers are with the brave British soldier’s family”BHV urges calm at these difficult times. It is now known that the perpetrators were both Muslims and whilst we support the Islamic community in their efforts to distance from the individuals, the worry is that faiths and religion could be confused and innocent communities could be targeted. BHV will continue to work with other faiths in Leicestershire to ensure that the good harmony is maintained.

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