Tuesday, 7 February 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Standing up for the English
One of the reasons why the English Defence League (EDL) chose to march again in Leicester is the fact that the English community in the city have been neglected for decades by both the local council, the wider establishment and media.
As members of the English Community Group (Leicester), the first of its kind within England, while we agree that the EDL should have the right to march and express its views, we neither support the EDL or share in its "British" identity and multicultural sentiments.
Along with millions of Englishmen and women we feel that we as a community have become marginalised and ignored by the liberal establishment who recognise every other racial and ethnic group, yet deny the English those same rights, benefits and privileges.
This is what helps create a ghettoised English resentment which feels that it can only voice its anger through street protests.
Our group has tried to meet Sir Peter Soulsby, City Mayor of Leicester, for months yet he has ignored us. Yet in the run-up to the EDL march he has met with other community groups which are, like ourselves, ethnic-specific.
Under current legislation the English are recognised as being members of a racial nation known as the English and that the indigenous English are a protected racial group in law.
The liberal establishment fails to recognise the English as a legitimate community and they are thus being effectively administratively "ethnically cleansed".
Sir Peter Soulsby's conduct in ignoring our community group has resulted in our group serving his office with an Equality Discrimination Questionnaire under the 2010 Equality Act. This means the City Mayor is now under legal notice to explain his conduct and to seek to recognise and work with the English community of Leicester.Failure to do so may result in legal action being taken against the office of City Mayor.
The English have a legal identity and are not a "mongrel nation", a claim levelled against us by the liberal establishment and the multi-cult extremists who wish to deny us our identity, culture and heritage.
Our mission is to ensure that the English within Leicester begin to enjoy the rights, benefits and privileges that they are entitled to enjoy under the Equality Act.
Clive Potter, chairman, English Community Group (Leicester)

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