Friday, 10 February 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Evidence is needed for these claims
While I'm not entirely convinced by Clive Potter's claims that the English Community Group is ideologically separate from the EDF, [sic] I applaud Clive and his colleagues for wanting to channel their energies into political debate, rather than pointless and costly public demonstrations ("Standing up for the English", Mailbox, February 7).
If the British judicial system and our institutions of government are systemically flawed in the way that Clive alleges, his group will be doing everyone in Britain a great favour by exposing it.
But this is a very serious allegation.
Before they expect anyone, including the City Mayor, to take them seriously, they need to produce some sound evidence and, like all other such groups in an advanced 21st century democracy, subject it to both public and professional scrutiny.
Nick Knight, Leicester

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  1. Dear George, You are doing a lot of writing about the English Community Group (Leicester) but refuse to answer us when I have sent you a request for the Leicester Council of Faiths to meet with us officially?

    Lee: of the Ingram family. English Community Group (Leicester)