Friday, 3 February 2012


There’s a multi-faith peace vigil in Leicester Cathedral this evening, starting at 1800. This morning, Barry Naylor spoke (by telephone) on BBC Radio Leicester shortly after 0800 this morning, telling Ben Jackson about this event. I transcribed the following short chunk of Ben’s programme from the BBC Radio Player:
Ben Jackson: “Tonight a vigil is being held at Leicester Cathedral, to bring peace and well-being to the city ahead of the marches. Now, earlier on this morning I heard from Barry Naylor (he’s the Urban Canon of the Diocese of Leicester) who told me that the vigil at the Cathedral last time the EDL and UAF were here, was such a success, they decided to do it again."
Barry Naylor: “We were really quite amazed at the Cathedral, we thought about 50 or 60 people might turn up, and the Cathedral was full. I think it was something that, on that occasion, people very much appreciated and valued and so we felt that it was appropriate and right to do the same thing this time as a statement that the people of faith in Leicester and other citizens of good will, of no particular faith, stand together and we value living in this city, we respect each other and that’s really what we’re trying to say this evening that that’s the way forward.”

Read my blog post about Leicester Cathedral's multi-faith vigil in October 2010, the evening before the first demo in Leicester city centre by the English Defence League.

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