Wednesday, 8 February 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
No distinction made between EDL and UAF
It was with great sadness that I read Peter Soulsby's open letter to the people of Leicester ("Don't let protests tear our city apart", Mercury, February 4).
He seems quite unable to make any distinction between Leicester Unite Against Fascism and the English Defence League.
I was on the Leicester Unite Against Fascism demonstration which was, of course, completely peaceful and the vast majority of people were from Leicester, although a few friends came from Nottingham and Derby.
I am sure most of the people on our demonstration voted for Peter in the mayoral election and many had voted for him as our local MP.
Some of the people I recognised as long-time members of the Labour Party who, I am sure, had canvassed for Peter in the past.
There were even people who were personal friends of Peter's. All of us were united in our love for multicultural Leicester.
In contrast, the vast majority of the EDL were from outside Leicester and are full of hate for our multicultural city.
Is Peter not able to make any distinction between love and hate?
Andy Wynne, Daneshill

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  1. Came across this blog post purely by chance whilst googling round the web. If you would allow me, I would like to add my two-pennth...

    Whilst I have no doubt that the EDL are made up of thoroughly odious individuals, the problem is that at previous demo's, many of the UAF's supporters have conducted themselves no better than the right wing thugs that they despise. Indeed, in some cases, they have actually behaved far worse.

    A cursory glance at the news footage that can be found on the web regarding UAF counter-protests shows them trying to goad EDL members into confrontations, assaulting people who stop to remonstrate with them, pelting eggs at right wing speakers and even pelting bricks at the police. They are quick to condemn these actions when its being done against them by right wing groups, yet are strangely silent when its their own supporters doing it against the opposition. And we are supposed to believe that UAF are the "good guys"?

    When asked to be interviewed on TV or radio to put their points across face-to-face they decline saying "they don't speak to fascists", though they seem quite happy to hurl missiles at them, which illustrates they are incapable of conducting themselves in a civilised manner.

    Glad to hear that they behaved themselves on this occaision, but at too many EDL demos, things seem to be going peacefully until UAF turn up, then all hell breaks loose, then they blame everyone else. Which begs the question, who are the real trouble makers here?

    To summerise, whilst I have no problem with people counter-protesting far right groups (in fact I am glad people do) I cannot even begin to align myself with UAF owing to the way they generally conduct themselves.