Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The first Wednesday of the month is time for Philosophy in Pubs (PIPS), upstairs in the Crumblin' Cookie on Leicester High Street. Our stimulus this evening is the question, "Is it ever right to cheat?"

When I've been talking about PIPS with various people, they usually ask what it's about and how it goes. I've copied this from the national PIPS website, which says it very well:
"The PIP's are a group of like-minded people searching for philosophical stimulation in a relaxed atmosphere (i.e. pubs, bistros, coffee shops, bookstores & community centres). [...]
"Everyone has Philosophical thoughts and as a group we would like to hear yours - whoever you are, wherever you're from and whatever they may be!
"The enquiries are relaxed with groups large enough to enjoy a number of diverse opinions, yet small enough to allow each person time to put their views across. As a contributor you can schedule your own subjects for enquiry and debate. Alternatively, just turn up and listen to the thoughts of others.
"Respect for others and their opinions are a fundamental requirement of the group as it encourages people to put forward their views without fear of ridicule or intimidation.
"No academic or philosophical background is necessary, only a passion for enquiry. Just turn up and enjoy."

Check out the Facebook page for Philosophy in Pubs Leicester.

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