Friday, 17 February 2012


This letter is published in today's Leicester Mercury:
Another attack on Christianity
The High Court has ruled that councils did not have the power to put acts of worship on the formal agenda.
The case was brought against Bideford Town Council in Devon by the National Secular Society after atheist ex-councillor Clive Bone said he was "embarrassed and disadvantaged" when prayers were said at council meetings.
I am pleased to see that Prayers will not be axed from the start of Parliamentary sessions.
The Speaker John Bercow insisted that laws dating back to 1689 mean any attempt to end prayers in the House of Commons would fail.
His wife Sally Bercow said on Twitter "if people want to say prayers before or after council meetings fair enough, but right that prayers should not be 'official' part of the proceedings".
I am pleased to see that Eric Pickles the Communities Secretary called this ruling "illiberal and intolerant" and pledged to overturn it with legislation by the end of the month.
This is yet another attack on Christianity in this country and a way of trying to silence Christians. It's a disgrace this ruling was made in the first place. Prayers have been part of council meetings for many years and should continue.
Kevin Fletcher, Coalville

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