Tuesday, 14 February 2012


This letter is published in today's Leicester Mercury:
Our traditions under attack
It's unbelievable that once again Christianity and the traditions of this country are being attacked.
The recent practice of "prayers before council meetings" being challenged in court leaves me gobsmacked.
Who are these individuals who think they have the right to decimate our traditions by running hysterically to the nearest court when there is something they don't personally agree with.
Perhaps they think it is stepping forward, moving on, although to me it smacks of a giant leap backwards, to the Tudor era.
This is still a Christian country, so why don't all the non-believers do the decent, honourable and tolerant thing and wait outside until the prayers are finished, such a simple and cost-effective solution where everyone should be happy.
It makes me so angry that the secular among us think that their views and feelings are uppermost, and are using the human rights laws to score a victory at every opportunity.
What they fail to realise, is their actions by jumping on the human rights bandwagon, is violating the human rights of others.
Ms S Newby, Wigston

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