Thursday, 21 April 2011

Silence will fall

On the way back from St Thomas' the Apostle in South Wigston where Harry was singing in the choir at the Maundy Thursday service, we pass through the city centre shortly after 2100 and see rehearsals for Christ in the Centre, which takes place tomorrow (Good Friday).

In keeping with displaying the bricolage, here's a picture of rehearsals for the Crucifixion in Humberstone Gate, in front of the giant TV screen. I'm not trying to fool myself (or you, faithful reader) that it's a good photo. I snapped it as the giant screen was showing a trailer for the new series of Doctor Who, showing the phrase "Silence will fall in 2 days". That would be Holy Saturday, the day largely forgotten, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. This is the kind of thing that simply leaps out to me. The juxtaposition in that moment just seemed meaningful - profound in a banal, everyday sort of way - and in keeping with the question Harry asked me as we left the Maundy Thursday service just half an hour before.

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