Friday, 15 April 2011

This week's visitors

Here's the update on the number of pageviews the blog has received from different parts of the world in the week just ending.
  1. United Kingdom 454 
  2. United States 185 
  3. Russia 61
  4. Slovenia 36
  5. Germany 35
  6. Norway 29
  7. Iran 23
  8. Ukraine 22
  9. Sweden 14
  10. Denmark 10

This week's total: 869 (last week's: 701) These are aggregates of figures from the top ten countries only. Blogger's stats software doesn't show me numbers of pageviews below the tenth-ranking country.

So, if you're a visitor to the blog from one of these countries, why not leave a comment? Tell me something about yourself - and what you think of what you've been reading here. Don't be shy now ...

Oh and I can't really let it pass unremarked upon, that we hit 20,000 pageviews today. It took 14 months for the blog to receive its first 10,000 pageviews and less than 14 weeks to receive another 10,000.

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