Saturday, 9 April 2011


Today should have been the launch event for David Gauntlett's book, Making is Connecting at the Whitechapel Shed, London. I had planned to go down to this, with Harry (10) and Gracie (9). It was punted as a family fun day of arts and crafts activities, putting into practice some of the themes of the book, offering a taste of an alternative (but traditional, tried-and-tested) way of bringing people together in productive and creative ways that go beyond just protesting. But it's been cancelled because the venue has been closed. Irony or what?

David presented on Making is Believing at Amplified Leicester in February and I blogged it here.

I love this book. When I did my presentation at Amplified Leicester in March, I encouraged everyone there to get a copy. Well, I didn't have any product of my own to promote. Visit the website for Making is Connecting.

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