Tuesday, 18 September 2012


This evening I'm attending the preview of the Open Exhibition at Leicester People's Photographic Gallery. Over 150 photographs showcasing the talents of photographers from the East Midlands and beyond. Very good turnout, very nice atmosphere.

I took the photo above of Ian Davies, Director of the Leicester People's Photographic Gallery, beside two of the pictures that were included in our "Favourite Faith Photos" exhibition, that went up during Inter Faith Week last year (November 2011) and stayed on display in the gallery for nine months.

This evening I got an accidental swig of Bucks Fizz, the first mouthful of alcohol I've had since my teens. I'm not childish enough to go, "Bleurgh!" and spit it out - and there was nowhere to get rid of it discreetly. Upon swallowing it, it felt like violence was being done to my internal organs. Lesson to be learnt: not everything that looks like orange juice is actually orange juice. I was too busy trying to figure out what was vegetarian in the buffet (answer: apart from chips and nachos, nothing apparently) and never thought that glasses of orange juice would be sitting side-by-side with glasses of Bucks Fizz. I'd had some juice from the same table just a quarter of an hour before, so it didn't occur to me that in picking up another one, I'd be playing Russian Roulette!

It's a man's life in the Leicester People's Photographic Gallery. The Open Exhibition there runs until Saturday 6 October. Vote for your three favourite photos from the amazingly varied display.

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