Friday, 8 April 2011


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Creative garden has blossomed
Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre recently hosted "Creative Garden" – a day-long event celebrating the wealth of creativity on the local scene, writes George Ballentyne.
Just about every available bit of space in the venue was packed with people showing their wares, demonstrating their skills and promoting the arts in business. The inside of the building was filled with stalls.
Visitors were treated to a variety of talents on display: fashion designers, film makers, jugglers, musicians, photographers, poets, writing services – even designers of apps for smart phones.
There was also a variety of talks, workshops and seminars on how to identify,nurture and promote creative talent and practical advice on how to use it to make a living.
Creative Garden was put together by the team behind "From Dawn to Dusk" [sic] with the collaboration of the LCB Depot in Rutland Street. The event drew on a wide range of contacts and contributors, showing how a successful network of imaginative and artistic individuals and businesses has become well established in and around Leicester over the past couple of years.
With events like this (alongside other activities such as CreativeCoffee club and Amplified Leicester), Phoenix Square continues to establish itself as a centre which attracts creative people from the city, county and further afield – and as a hub from which that creativity flows back out into the wider community, touching schools, colleges and the universities, offices and businesses, shops and public spaces.

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