Tuesday, 7 August 2012


After having spent an hour or so at the launch of Clare Jackson's portrait exhibition at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, I wander into the exhibition From Kampala to Leicester, which tells the story of Leicester's Ugandan Asian community, 1972-2012.

I wonder why it's so busy this time of a weekday evening; not everyone here was at the exhibition launch. After a few minutes, a staff member comes in and ushers us into another room, telling us that "This evening's talk is about to start". I'm not here for the talk - I didn't even know there was going to be one or what the topic is - but I'm at a loose end for the rest of the evening, so I'm happy to tag along.

I'm glad I did. The speaker is Dr Pippa Virdee (in photo above), Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Historical & Social Studies. Her subject: "Ugandan Asians in Leicester: From Refugees to Citizens" is a fascinating topic, well researched and nicely delivered. And I get the chance to meet some lovely people here this evening too, making a few strong contacts that I hope bode well for the future.

From Kampala to Leicester (and associated events) continues at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery (and a number of other venues around the city) till Sunday 30 September.

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