Saturday, 4 August 2012


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

Every little to help pastors
Volunteers thanked people for donating cash and items after thieves raided their church.
Criminals targeted the Robert Hall Memorial Baptist Church, in Narborough Road, in June.
They took mobile phones and blankets, which street pastors used to aid them in their work.
After reading about the crime in the Leicester Mercury, bosses at bus company Arriva donated £75.
Yesterday, staff at the new Tesco in Braunstone Gate, also did their bit to help the group by donating three mobile phones to street pastor co-ordinator Ann Murphy.

I almost feel obliged to apologise for the nonsensical title to this post, which takes Tesco's current moto, "Every little helps", pulls it apart and puts it back together with no thought for grammar or meaning. But I didn't make it up and it's my policy to set everything I can as it is in the source. Still: awful, isn't it?

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