Wednesday, 4 April 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
How decides how Leicester is portrayed?
In an article on gypsy encampments in the Mercury ("Such appalling views" , Mailbox, March 20), a contributor declaims that "Leicester is supposed to be one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the country... but is it?". More to the point, actually, would be to ask who took it upon themselves to decide it was.
Like an ever-increasing number of decisions, it doesn't seem as if the rest of us were ever asked to vote on whether we thought it was a good idea. It's on a par with suddenly being ordered not to smoke because this is "National non-smoking day". According to whom, exactly?
Or being ordered to be more "aware" because this is "International women's day." (Really? It was just Friday when I woke up).Apparently every day of the year has been used up in this fashion. I imagine that February 29 is "Intergalactic alien day" (Well, you never know).
But does anyone remember having any input on any of this? Allied with these arbitrary decisions is the peremptory manner of those who expect everyone else to fall into line.
Nobody is expected to be so bumptious as to dispute that this is a multicultural city. Smokers are castigated for ignoring a decision made by... non-smokers?
But why should we put up with such autocratic, arrogant assertions?The title of the article on the gypsy encampments was "Such appalling views".
A better question might be where did the people who insist on making all our decisions for us pick up such appalling attitudes?
Russ Ball

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