Tuesday, 22 November 2011


At 1500 we've scheduled the fourth of ten public meetings for Inter Faith Week, under the series title, "Communities of Faith or Belief in Leicester". We're putting on two talks per day in the Adult Education College (or, more precisely, in the Leicester People's Photographic Gallery, which is part of the Adult Ed College).

This should have been a Beginners' Guide to Hinduism - or Hinduism 101 - but our scheduled speaker pulled out and we've been unable to secure a substitute. Were it not for the fact that I'm speaker for the occasion. I go up to the College / Gallery to see if anyone has turned up to listen to the talk. The stalwart Marion Kennedy has, so I advise her that it's not on and apologise.

The photo above is one of two images representing the Hindu community in the Favourite Faiths Photo exhibition, launched this week at the People's Photographic Gallery. The picture is from the celebration of Annakut at Shree Sanatan Mandir, Weymouth Street  (sourced from Kiran Parmar, reproduced with permission).

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