Tuesday, 22 November 2011


At 1200 we have the third of ten public meetings for Inter Faith Week, under the series title, “Communities of Faith or Belief in Leicester". These hour-long introductions are being held in Leicester Adult Education College (or, more precisely, in Leicester People's Photographic Gallery, which is part of the Adult Ed College).

Leicester Council of Faiths is hosting these meetings in association with Leicester Adult Skills and Learning Service (LASALS). Chris Minter, Head of Service at LASALS, expressed an interest in supporting Inter Faith Week this year and we agreed that this would be an appropriate way for LASALS to do so, by allowing free use of its venue and facilities.

The speaker for this Beginners’ Guide to Christianity – or Christianity 101 – is Revd David Dean, from St Philip’s Centre for Study and Engagement in a Multi-Faith Society.

The photo above is one of two Christian images included in the Favourite Faiths Photo exhibition launched at Leicester People's Photographic Gallery during Inter Faith Week. The picture shows a scene from Christ in the Centre - the Passion Play enacted in Leicester city centre each Good Friday (sourced from Kiran Parmar, reproduced with permission).

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