Wednesday, 30 November 2011


At Cathedral AM this morning (the first one I've been able to attend in quite a while). The advertised speaker is Mayor of Leicester City, Sir Peter Soulsby, but his place is taken today by Assistant Mayor Councillor Ted Cassidy.

Our hosts are this morning, as at every one of these gatherings, are Julie Ann Heath (left, in photo above) and Barry Naylor (right). I'm always glad to see Barry, fine fellow that he is, but I'm especially pleased to see Julie Ann, so shortly after our exhibition in Highcross during Inter Faith Week. It as Julie Ann who first got us into Highcross and I still think of that as being her baby. She was unable to come and see the exhibition last week and we were both sorry about that.

We're meeting not in the usual venue of the Cathedral Visitor Centre, but in the neighbouring St Martins House. I've not yet been beyond the reception area of St Martins House before, so it's nice to get a little further into the building today. It's also nice to be able to mix and mingle without every conversation feeling like a promotion for Inter Faith Week!

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