Thursday, 15 November 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Keep poppies on the cross
Replacing the cross that the Royal British Legion poppies are attached to with other religious symbols, in order not to exclude or offend those who belong to another religion (or none), does not make any sense to me.
The poppy is not attached to the cross because the soldiers who died belonged to some sort of Christian cult or club which excludes everyone else.
The soldiers died giving their lives, and their sacrifice is united with the greatest sacrifice in the history of the world, of He who died on the cross.
The poppy united with the cross also shows the great hope that they who gave their lives will one day rise again in glory with He who died and rose again.
Our forebears knew that there is no shape in the universe that can begin to mean the same as the cross, that of ultimate sacrifice and eternal hope.
That is why the red poppy of Flanders has always been united to the cross in memorials of those who have died in battle and I believe it should remain so.
Francisca Martinez, Leicester

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