Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I didn't get to attend this meeting as I was manning my post at the exhibition in Highcross till 2000. I'm grateful to guest contributor Sughra Ahmed (photo above), who organised this meeting. Sughra writes:

Leicestershire Police HQ was the venue for Faith in Family, our special seminar for Inter Faith Week.

People from all walks of life from across the City and County came together to listen, share and debate topics such as inter faith marriage, protection of children and young people, as well as parenting and spousal relationships. 

Speakers from Leicestershire and Bedford included Rosalind Birtwistle, Nassera Butt and Batool al Toma - all of whom are experts on their topic. They spoke openly and frankly about their experiences drawing on official data and sources available for England and Wales.

Several members of faith groups went on stage as a panel to share their thoughts on how their religion reflects on such topics.

The discussion was vibrant and lively, people's honesty gave rise to a thorough discussion on how society and institutions could better support those whose lives included challenges and/or difficulties. For example questions were asked on how we can improve the way in which we understand those who have an inter faith marriage and are dealing with unique challenges rather than stereotyping them. Others expressed their thoughts on how Youth Offending Services could negotiate its way around the complex terrain of faith in a restricted environment that serve to punish whilst protecting the rights of people in their custody.

The overall sentiment from those who attended was that these issues are very important for all of us - no matter who we are. Further discussion was encouraged especially given that many people are living through these realities with very little of the complexities involved known about in wider society. Leicester Council of Faiths is glad to have held a seminar on the topic of Faith in Family, and especially pleased to see the appetite for more discussion. We hope others will consider creating opportunities for further discussion on these subjects and we look forward to working with others on these or other areas.

This is the third in the series of open meetings sponsored by Leicester Council of Faiths. I've posted about the other two on this blog: God in my faith, 13 March 2012; Open meeting with City Mayor, 31 January 2012.


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