Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Third day of our week-long exhibition in Highcross for Inter Faith Week.

What with commitments at Leicester Tigers Welford Road Stadium for Choice Unlimited and at Brooksby Melton College for their Interfaith Events Day, I get to Highcross an hour or so before closing time. Rosemarie Fitton (Senior Lecturer in Interior Design at De Montfort University - and member of Leicester Council of Faiths) and Rashmi Vyas (of Leicestershire Brahma Samaj) are doing this final stint of the day. I bring back the two generic banners that have been used today in those other events and return them to their places in the exhibition here.

Here are some of the things that visitors and volunteers have written on the labels and hung on our little white tree today:
Love creates or builds what had been destroyed by hate for a long time!
I am in a state of flux - challenging my current way of deepening my spiritual life
I wish for all my inner desires to be satisfied
Abandon all varieties of Religion, and just surrender unto me. I will protect you from all sinful reactions, do not fear (Bhagavad Gita 18:66)
In this world of toil and trouble / Two things stand alone / Kindness and another's trouble / And courage in one's own
One God, one religion, one humanity
May your spirit be touched by the spirit of another - everyday! R

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