Thursday, 22 November 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
I no longer feel at home in my city
Chef Clarissa Dickson Wright opens her mouth and speaks some truth about this city and Leicester's leaders want to boil her alive in one of her own cooking pots.
At the end of the day, she was writing about her experience in this city. Would people have preferred her to lie?
Areas in this city are monocultural. We all know it. If you don't then either you don't travel around this city or you go around with your eyes shut.
I am fed up with this council and its leaders forever going on about how we all live in harmony and we all take part in each other's festivals and celebrations. No, we don't!
Maybe an odd few do, but not Leicester as a whole. We all tolerate one another. That's what we have to do in this city. We have had no choice other than to accept this city becoming a multi-faith one.
We have our celebrations, other faiths have theirs. We all don't merge together and celebrate other cultures' festivals as this council and its leaders like to think or portray to the rest of this country every time they appear on the TV or in the newspapers.
You only have to sit in parts of the city centre and listen to people's views on this city to know it's not the harmonious one we are all made to believe. That's when you hear someone actually speaking English.
I'm Leicester born and bred and my ancestors have roamed this city for many generations, but even I feel like a foreigner and outsider when I go into the town centre.
I feel more at home in Skegness town than I do here.
That says something about what this city has become, when I feel more at home in a place I visit a few times a year, than I do in my home town.
T Green, Leicester

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