Wednesday, 28 November 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
I do not feel at all privileged
T Green's excellent letter is absolutely correct. Parts of this city are now mono-cultural ghettos and I can well understand Clarissa Dickson Wright's apprehension when she found herself in one.
T Green also states: "I am fed up with this council... forever going on about how we all live in harmony and take part in each other's festivals and celebrations; no we don't!"
I made the same point in a letter to this newspaper last year when I said: " I am sick and tied of being regularly told how privileged I should feel to be living in a multi-cultural harmonious well integrated society. I am not and I don't".
Younger readers might find the raison d'etre of this letter hard to understand because they have never known the Leicester of a few decades ago. Now, of course, they never will – that's sad.
Don Tallis, Wigston

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