Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Cherie and Ashley at their stall in Gallowtree Gate today
It's not uncommon to find street preachers in Gallowtree Gate any day of the week, but today I'm pleasantly surprised to see something a bit different. I stop and chat with two Jehovah's Witnesses who are offering the Good News via British Sign Language. Ashley is a deaf user of BSL, Cherie is a hearing user.

They're promoting meetings in British Sign Language which feature Bible lectures and Watchtower Study (discussion about the Bible and how to use it in our lives) and Congregational Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting (discussion of Bible subjects and a class about how to teach the Bible). These are held on Sundays, 1530 and Wednesdays 1915 at Kingdom Hall of Jehavah's Witnesses, Knowles Road, Glenfield LE3 6LU.

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