Saturday, 6 April 2013


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Seeking out true words of God
I read with interest, Mark W Jaques's letter ("Catholic critic is wide of the mark", Mailbox, March 25).
I was particularly interested in the comment which reads: "It should be understood the Church cannot change divine teachings for convenience."
I agree with this, but while Mr Jacques is referring to the forbidding of contraception, when talking about divine teaching, I am referring to teachings that can be found in God's word, the Bible, not doctrines that have come from men who think their ideas can supercede God's word.
It must seem as though I want to knock the Catholic faith. I don't.What I really want to see is the truthfulness of God's word accurately represented by those who claim to follow the Bible's teachings.
God, in His wisdom inspired the Bible writers to say what they did for good reason.
To try to replace its teachings with the doctrines of men is most unfair to honest-hearted individuals who are earnestly seeking the truthfulness about God. 
Keith Coleman, Ashby

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