Monday, 8 April 2013


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury (but not on the paper's website):
Remove Bishops from the Lords
Come on Cameron, let’s have those frocks (Bishops) out of the House of Lords. They are not politicians, they have not been elected.
The £350 a day each out of the public purse is not fair on us.
Blind faith psychosis,
psychosis and money
What is it then that makes them pray
that makes them creep crawl all day
that makes them read some silly script
their pride, confidence, slyly stripped
What is it then that transfers their minds
to heavens angels spiritual kinds
to attend cathedrals in little groups
then dress in robes as elitist troops
What is it then that makes them build
on fertile land where food was tilled
huge mosques cathedrals too
just to sing confess anew
Does it help in any way
to wile away the hours of day
dressed in best on their knees
praying to anything making pleas
Is it selfishness that makes them think
we all need them to cover shrink
on our behalf at their request
so that our souls be sublimely blessed
The whiff of selfishness stirs the air
I think it’s just themselves they care
the work is easy less to think
from competition they will shrink
This god they advocate with fuss
when ask for proof they won’t discuss
O proof o proof what for you need
the Devil’s home you’ll go with speed
My lucid mind begins to stir
I’m in the hands of a blackmailer
I only ask for what your sales
they came back as hard as nails
So business then shall prevail
in Woolworth’s by an honest sale
the church an inquisition I think
proof of god surely brings
Jobee, Leicester

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