Wednesday, 8 June 2011


A lunchtime meeting (despite the distinct absence of lunch) at Phoenix Square Film & Digital Media Centre with Jiten Anand of TouchRainbow Productions, to discuss An Indian Summer, which is taking place at Phoenix Square, 18-19 June.

Rosemarie Fitton's with us, as she's coming to the end of her 30 hours placement with Leicester Council of Faiths as part of her MA in Interreligious Relations at St Philip's Centre for Study and Engagement in a Multifaith Society. More than that, she has loads to contribute to such an event; Jiten starts reeling her in today for the 2012 version!

Our contribution is a talk entitled "How Diverse is Leicester?" scheduled for 1740 on the Saturday. That's what I'm here to discuss with Jiten, although our conversation spills over into more than just that. We'll be putting up our exhibition in Phoenix Square over that weekend too.

Visit the website for an Indian Summer. 

Check out the Facebook page for An Indian Summer.

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