Saturday, 11 June 2011


These guys were having a ball (if you’ll pardon the pun – or should that be "puns"?) at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, this evening. I don't think I'd heard of them before seeing this poster in the hotel, but having looked them up online, they should definitely be more widely known. So I thought it right and fair to big them up on here – they could hardly be more welcome on this blog!

The Anthony Walker Foundation (AWF) was established to eliminate racial discrimination within the community and create cultural harmony and awareness in young people by providing activities and access to resources to overcome such barriers. It seeks to organise a range of activities that promote community relations in young people in Liverpool and nationwide. This is done with particular focus on the integration of good race relations between people of all racial origins and particularly those who are disadvantaged, disaffected and socially excluded.

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