Sunday, 19 June 2011


Leicester's Jain community came out onto the streets today (well, into Magazine Square, to be precise) to celebrate Bhaktamara Stotra Poojan. This is the first time they've done this in public. I arrive not long before the end of the acitivity, but am glad I see at least some of it.

There's a young woman standing on the sidelines with a reporter's notepad. It strikes me that she might be a reporter. I go up to her and ask, "Are you a reporter by any chance?" At first she seems a wee bit wary of me (who wouldn't be, to be fair?) but when i give her my card, she gives me hers in exchange and asks if I'd give a comment for the Leicester Mercury. Happy to be asked, I do so.

I also give my card to the Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, who's in attendance, standing between the two Doctors Mehta. it's not that I don't think the Mayor can't find me when he needs to - but I'd like to direct him toward our social media, so that he (or at least someone on his team) to follow our activities on a frequent and regular basis.

This is a joyous, uplfting occasion - with colourful costumes, uplifting music and vibrant dancing. I hope that the Jain community will feel emboldened to do more of such things in public. Harry and Grace are here with me - and they seem to love it (particularly an old chap in a colourfully decorated mobility scooter).

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