Thursday, 28 March 2013


At Phoenix this lunchtime, meeting with Swati Kataria to talk about An Indian Summer in the Cultural Quarter, Thursday 27 to Sunday June.

I've been asked to see if Leicester Council of Faiths can provide a few faith-based talks for the programme, by local speakers on topics related to faith, religion, spirituality etc, linking Leicester and India. 

I can't speak for anyone else that we may have in mind (not till we've asked them and they say yes) but if things go according to plans laid today, I'll be doing the Saturday afternoon talk, entitled "Spiritual But Not Religious". A likely sub-title might be "How I - and the rest of the West - hijacked the wisdom of India". I'm looking forward to that - as you can imagine, faithful reader.

As soon as we finsih this meeting between the two of us, we jaunt to LCB Depot in Rutland Street for a meeting of the larger steering group.

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