Wednesday, 13 March 2013


The fortnightly meeting of Creative Coffee Leicester at Phoenix takes place this morning. For the second session in a row (unusually for us) we have a speaker: Jim Willis, founder of Leicester-based digital agency, Bulb StudiosThe numbers are holding up really well, with more than 35 attendees today.

I'm glad of the chance to catch up with Sophie Hardwicke, who used to frequent Creative Coffee as a freelance artist and illustrator - with (and I quote myself here) "probably he loveliest business card I have ever seen". Now she's working for Shinebright Creative Communications as their Account Executive. Sophie's new business card is an example of clean, effective and modern style. We have a bit of a lark round our table inventing job titles that would raise an eyebrow on anyone's business card, such as "Account Hunter" or "Client Wrangler". While attending an occasion like Creative Coffee may be considered essential as a freelance, a couple of hours out of the office has to be justified as productive use of time when you're gainfully employed as part of a team.

A quick meeting of the Management Team follows at the end of the session (well, four of us anyway). We agree that we'd like to build relations and do complementary work with other networking groups and occasions in Leicester, so that those engaging in such activities can have more of a joined-up experience and will be able to find whatever it is they're looking for somewhere in the mix.

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