Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Leicester LGBT Centre is filling a gap in its support for its members by launching a new social and support group for LGBT people of faith in March 2013. The group is well-timed to support the needs of LGBT people who feel rejection or resistance from their faith. This has been particularly highlighted by very public opposition of many faiths towards the equalisation of marriage recently. Many LGBT people currently find themselves distrusting the support of their faith leaders and, in some cases, questioning their faith itself.

The purpose of the group is to provide a friendly meeting place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who may feel excluded from their personal faith to come together and share experiences without prejudice.

Members, active or lapsed, of all faiths are welcomed. Its aim is to enhance understanding of its members’ spiritual and cultural similarities by acknowledging differences and identifying commonalities. This can only be done by sharing differences of opinion honestly but respectfully with an open voice.

Group facilitator Paul Fitzgerald states, “Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of faith often feel marginalised or excluded from their faith due to discriminatory practices or outdated views. We intend to provide a space where we can share ideas and values to promote good welfare among our communities and even reconnect with our personal faiths. The Leicester LGBT Centre is a perfect venue for this as it is centrally located, unattached to any particular faith and purposeful in its desire to support LGBT peoples’ differences.”

The group will start in March 2013. The Leicester LGBT Centre can be found at 15 Wellington Street, Leicester City Centre.

For further information contact Paul Fitzgerald: paul.f@leicesterlgbtcentre.org or call 01162547412.  Information will also be updated on the Centre’s website.

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