Saturday, 26 January 2013


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

"Feed the world" plea to governments
A group of charities has launched a campaign calling for governments to help hungry people in poor countries.
The Enough Food for Everyone If campaign, being run by Christian Aid, Oxfam and Tearfund, was launched at Leicester Cathedral yesterday.
Dozens of people, including Bishop of Leicester the Rt Rev Tim Stevens and assistant city mayor Manjula Sood, attended.
The campaign is based around four "ifs'' it wants members of the world's richest eight countries to agree to when they meet in Northern Ireland in June.
The four "ifs'' involve cracking down on legal loopholes which let multi-national companies operate in developing countries without paying fair taxes, ensuring land is used for food instead of biofuels, having more transparency over business deals in poor countries and pressuring the UK and other governments into sticking to their pledges about combating world hunger.
Judi Perry, of Christian Aid, said: "The campaign is about bringing an end to hunger.
"We produce enough food for everyone and yet one in eight people go to bed hungry each day.
"The G8 leaders are coming to Northern Ireland this year and we want people to bring their voices together to demand more openness and fairness in dealing with poor countries." 
The campaign will involve lobbying members of Parliament, a march in London and a demonstration in Northern Ireland in June.

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