Monday, 21 January 2013


After much planning, we're celebrating diversity on campus with the Religion or Belief Showcase at De Montfort University today. The event has been rescheduled a couple of times, but is going ahead today, pinned to World Religion Day, which was celebrated yesterday. Not even the heavy snow and ice still lying underfoot can put us off this morning! At four hours duration, it's a relatively short event (by the standards of we auld hands) but we manage to pack in a lot.

Student societies promoting religion or belief are gathered in the Atrium. Rosemarie Fitton, Senior Lecturer in Interior Design at DMU (and member of Leicester Council of Faiths) has a display of her students' work (including a video presentation) on show throughout the day. The event is promoted throughout the Students' Union on digital billboards. Halfway through the event, DMU Vice-Chancellor, Dominic Shellard, pays a visit to the Atrium and chats with student and staff exhibiting there. Here's a gallery of those taking part today.

African Student Society
Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society
Cathsoc: Leicester Universities Catholic Society
Christ Embassy
Hindu Society
Islamic Society
Krishna Consciousness Society
Leicester Council of Faiths display (half of it)
Kash Bhayani & Sheri Paige (VP Welfare, DMU Students' Union)
Leicester Council of Faiths display (the other half!)
Leicester Secular Society
Stamp It Out!

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