Thursday, 16 September 2010

To Be Creative autumn social

To the LCB Depot, Rutland Street early evening, for the autumn social gathering, "To Be Creative". A lot of "creatives" (some of them distinctly quirky - and a few who have written their areas of specialisation on their sticky badges are beyond quirky) meet to enjoy a free drink (first one only) and to discuss possible areas of collaboration. There's a decent turn out and it's nice to see some weel kent faces (as well as some nice new ones too). Kate, Claire, Lucia et al put a lot of time and effort into occasions like this and they deserve all the props going.

I stay only an hour and slink off just as the more formal presentations begin. Much as I enjoy networking, I'm now in that phase where I need to do the work that has arisen out of my earlier networking efforts!

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