Thursday, 16 September 2010


We receive confirmation from Highcross this afternoon that they're willing and able to accommodate our exhibition for a second year during Inter Faith Week (Sun 21 - Sat 27 November). Once again we'll be in the Lower Mall but near the escalators in front of John Lewis this time. What with being a week later than last year and that bit closer to the great outdoors, it's going to be that colder; but I am very glad - and rather relieved - that Highcross has said yes to our request that they put us on show a second time.

In 2009 I had little notice to get everything ready for this event: that included commissioning the exhibition; finding a designer; writing copy for the banners, a new leaflet and rebooted website; raising funds to pay for it all, getting the exhibition and supporting material produced on time; doing the necessary paperwork for Highcross; obtaining the services of volunteers to front the display; publicise the event among the faith communities and in the media... Hopefully this time round, there won't be such a rush! The main exhibition is ready, we know what kind of giveaway material worked last time and I've got contact details for those who were good with the public (and each other) last time and who (hopefully) will want to do it again.

Oh, I can hardly wait! And I mean that most sincerely folks, I really do!

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