Wednesday, 7 March 2012


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Views sought on plan for multi-faith crematorium
A new multi-faith crematorium has been proposed for south Leicestershire.
Developers Westerleigh Group have not yet submitted plans to Blaby District Council, but will meet with residents tomorrow and on Friday to discuss the scheme.
The proposed site in Leicester Road, Countesthorpe, will include a ceremony room, memorial gardens and landscaping.
The £3 million development is being unveiled at two public consultations at Countesthorpe village hall, in Station Road.
The company's commercial director Adrian Britton said: "Leicestershire is the worst served county in the country for crematoria – there are just two which serve very large numbers and are being stretched."
The facade of the main building will include an interchangeable religious symbol which can be switched to represent the faith of the service.
There will also be wash rooms and a viewing area for Sikh ceremonies, which traditionally involve watching the coffin entering the furnace.
Mr Britton said: "The idea is to design the crematorium in a manner which will offer an atmosphere in which families can grieve in peaceful surroundings.
"We also want to make sure it is sensitively designed to complement the rural surroundings, and we are holding the exhibition to get feedback before submitting our plans."
The developers said the low-profile building would be screened from the road and the village would benefit from additional landscaping and trees.
A spokesman for Countesthorpe Parish Council said: "We're meeting with the developers tomorrow and talking about the plans then, but we don't know what's involved so don't have an opinion yet.
"We'll be listening to residents and will help anyway we can as part of the consultation process – but there hasn't been a planning application submitted yet so it's very early days."
There are two crematoria in the city and county – one at Gilroes cemetery, in Leicester, and the other in Loughborough.
Developers say the site has been chosen because it is accessible to people living in Blaby, south Leicester and neighbouring districts.They expect to hold four to five services a day.
All services will be coordinated with local funeral directors.Colin Moore, adviser at The Funeral Consultancy, in Bullhead Street, Wigston, welcomed the proposals for the crematorium.
Mr Moore, who arranges bespoke funerals as well as bereavement counselling, said: "I believe it's needed, from the funeral directors I talk to. Cremations are becoming much more popular than traditional burials."
The public exhibition will take place between 3pm and 6pm tomorrow , and 9am and 1pm on Friday.


  1. ridiculous suggestion in an area that is predominately Wight Christian, near to 2 schools, 2 day nurseries, a bakery 3 restaurants, a water works plant, plus 2 very well known food factories nearby not to mention the hundreds of houses that would be effected by the smoke and pollution and huge influx of traffic into a small village plus we are only a matter of a few miles from the crematorium at hinckly

  2. How stupid are people nowadays? seriously... and even in a built up area and who the hell is going to buy a house (new build) with a crematorium behind there back garden simple answer they won't, answer this would YOU want YOUR children playing outside in the back garden with that thing polluting and damaging YOUR child s health, and yes to much pollution can cause internal damage and what about the poor environment! don't you think that us humans are killing everything already and thats including our family, our friends and ourselfs! all beacuse of these pollution infested buildings created by us humans, and what about the poor animals living near by they can't do anything about it, and just because they don't speak our language that doesn't mean that they don't have feelings! how would you like it, if you were them? eh you wouldn't!!!are these people living in the real world! and yes i DO understand that they must build it somewhere but why the hell build it in built up areas with schools and food places (the pollution would cause food poisoning) and near water purification plants (why purify the water if its going to get re-infested by pollution) so lets put this simple so that these people can understand as they appear to have no intelligence what so ever! are. you. stupid??? build. it. where. there. is no. one. living. there!