Monday, 5 March 2012


At Christchurch, Clarendon Park, for the final session in the course, "Mindfulness & Wisdom", offered by Christians Aware as part of their Faith Awareness programme. The eight-week course has been devised by Ian Grayling and Kevin Commons from the Leicester Serene Reflection Meditation Group.

Part of this evening is devoted to considering similarities and differences between the presentations that we've had in previous weeks.

From the three introductory sessions
People may well be at different stages of faith where for some the principal locus of authority is external (teachers and scriptures) but for others the principal locus of authority is found within.  This is underpinned by a sense of progression through life from Dependence, though Independence to Interdependence.

Zen Buddhism Wisdom and Compassion are inextricably linked.

Islam Wisdom is expressed in your actions.

Judeo-Christian The scriptures provide insight in how to lead the good life.  In this regard is Jesus a window into Wisdom?

Humanist Wisdom is about deciding what is right to do at an individual, family and societal level. 

Similarities If wisdom is not manifested in daily life it is not wisdom. What you think, believe and say should be compatible with what you do.

Diffferences The Zen contribution made much more of the importance of direct personal experience that goes beyond rationality but is still relevant to daily life.

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