Thursday, 22 March 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Disabled missed out
Now that all the excitement of the royal visit is but a happy memory to many, I would like to say I experienced my own disappointment about the lack of access to the cathedral.
Though I was invited by the Bishop and the Dean of Leicester to represent my congregation at the multi-faith service and celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, I was unable to attend, due to my having walking disabilities, and access to get to the venue, without immense difficulty, was not available.
Car parking near enough was not allowed and dropping off was also forbidden in "the immediate environs of the cathedral".
Nor could I take a carer in with me to push me in my wheelchair if I parked further away at the multi-storey car park.
Even the arrangements for refreshments afterwards were held at an upstairs venue.
Due notice of this was given in a letter to me.
There may no doubt have been very valid reasons, but it does not reflect well on our city when equality of opportunity for all was not properly considered and planned for.
The same applies to the many city streets which are now totally pedestrianised and more are planned in the future.
At one time, disabled drivers could drive and park in Market Street at restricted times and this facility was highly appreciated. Can we have this back, please, or do we have to go out of town for our shopping?
Name and address supplied

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