Friday, 16 March 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Faith schools: Claims wrong
John Catt (Mailbox, March 7) is quite wrong to single out, as he and his secular colleagues often do, faith schools by saying that bus subsidies for children attending them should be withdrawn.
His statement that these subsidies "are not available to those outside the favoured denominations" is quite simply wrong.
On average, Catholic schools take between 25-35 per cent of their pupils from outside the Church. There is no evidence that such pupils are discriminated against on transport matters. It would probably be illegal anyway, under anti-discrimination legislation.
These schools offer their pupils a real choice which non-religious schools simply don't. They offer their pupils a chance to see the spiritual side of life, as opposed to the rampant materialism and Godlessness all around them when they leave the school gates.
Also, many children have to travel quite long distances to get to these schools, which would put a severe strain on the budget of the average families concerned if they had to pay full bus fares or parents had to take their children to school every day as a result.
Terry Kirby, Barwell

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