Thursday, 15 September 2011


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

Centre "has brought misery"
Neighbours say inconsiderate users of a community centre are making their lives a misery.
People living in Keble Road, off Welford Road, Leicester, said they have faced nuisance parking and late-night noise since Knighton Community and Education Centre opened in July.
The Islamic centre is allowed to open from 7am to 1pm but neighbours said noise had been heard as late as 3.30am.
Maria Moran has kept a log of incidents of traffic congestion and noise in the cul de sac.
She has collected a 15-signature petition calling for action against centre users she said parked on double yellow lines.
"They've got a lease for three years and I can't live with it because I know it's not going to go away. I can't stand one more week of it," Ms Moran said.
She said the centre was at its busiest on Friday afternoon, when up to 70 worshippers attend.
Another resident, Lizzy Webb, said: "The parking is the biggest problem.
"I understand on the odd occasion it needs to be open longer but we are a residential street.
Neighbour Julie Miller said: "I don't think they're being respectful.
"They need to find somewhere suitable but I don't think that's Keble Road."
The centre was due to host a meeting last night with residents, councillors and police.
A statement released by the centre said it was aware of residents' "worries over potential noise and visual pollution caused by an increased flow of people to the area".
It said: "Ultimately, it is our desire to create an education centre which will aid members of our community.
"Furthermore, we desire to resolve any outstanding issues so we may all continue to live in peace together."
Fayyaz Suleman, secretary of Leicester Council of Faiths, said: "People were parking in a way that was not appropriate and we admit that.
"We've held our hands up but there are some people who won't be happy whatever we do."

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