Friday, 6 May 2011

Vox popped by Rupal

Around 1700 this afternoon I leave the Welcome Centre, where for the past couple of hours I'd been listening to the local election results on BBC Radio Leicester. Walking down Every Street, by the side of Town Hall Square, I'm buttonholed by Rupal Rajani, who's out with a roving microphone, recording some vox pop about the election results.

She approaches me with, "Your face is familiar." I've seen Rupal at various events, functions and occasions locally although we've never been introduced. So when I do introduce myself properly she asks me to say a few words in response to the Labour landslide. I express the hope that elected members will be able to serve the whole city, rather than just those who are seen to have supported them. I say that, working for the Council of Faiths has shown me the need for social cohesion in Leicester and hope that takes pride of place rather than some sectional interest.

My older son Alastair is with me. I introduce him to Rupal as a musician, and she records a few words with him too. He says he hopes that the Mayor and councillors can give the proper attention to the development of the arts in the city.

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  1. This entry wzs picked up and published by the DMU and Leicester Daily (Fri 06 April 2011):