Monday, 9 May 2011


Newly elected City Mayor Peter Soulsby (front, centre in photo above) announced his Cabinet this afternoon. the team will consist of a Deputy Mayor (Councillor Rory Palmer - front, left) and six "Assistant Mayors": Councillors Ted Cassidy (front, right), (back, left to right) Sarah Russell, Manjula Sood, Mohammed Dawood, Vi Dempster and Piara Singh Clair.

Mayor Soulsby said, "I am delighted to announce the new Cabinet, which is a team with a wealth and depth of experience, skills and ability - a talented team that will help lead Leicester into a new era.

"Top of our agenda is jobs, investment, public transport, health, housing, green spaces and fair deal for the city's workforce.

"This is the first time in the city's history that there has been an elected mayor and because of this, we have the eyes of the country upon us and what we do. We face significant challenges and my new team and I are looking forward to making real progress over the next few years making Leicester a strong, proud and self-confident city.

"For the next few weeks Cabinet members will not have portfolios or specific departmental responsibilities - instead they will work together as team addressing the issues and challenges facing the city."

Now, everyone who knows Leicester (and anyone following this blog) knows that Councillor Manjula Sood is Chair of Leicester Council of Faiths and enjoys the distinction of being the first Asian woman Lord Mayor of any English city (2008-09). It will undoubtedly do our city the power of good that someone whom I've long thought of as the "poster girl" for community cohesion and inter faith relations has been appointed to this influential position. What's more, it testifies to the diversity of Leicester that out of six members of the Mayor's cabinet, one is a Hindu, one a Muslim and one Sikh.

Photo courtesy of Citizens' Eye Community News Agency

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